STARTING LINE FOR ALL EVENTS — The Celebration begins at High and Town Streets.

OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
START TIME at 8 a.m.

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OhioHealth Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles)
START TIME at 8 a.m.

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Columbus Promise 5K (3.1 miles)
START TIME at 8:30 a.m.

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Note: Pepsi Refueling Stations will be located on the course for all three events. There will be seven refueling stations on the Half Marathon course, four on the Quarter Marathon course and one on the Columbus Promise 5K course. All will serve Gatorade Endurance Formula and Water. The 5K refueling station will serve water only. The refueling station on the Half Marathon course near the 6-mile mark will serve GU Energy Gel (Vanilla, Triberry and Salty Caramel).

Giant Eagle Curbside Express Recovery Zone — 8 a.m.–Noon

Once you cross the finish line, you'll be celebrated at the Giant Eagle Curbside Express Recovery Zone, a secure area designated for participants only. In the recovery zone you will receive your Official Finisher's Medal and refuel with Panera Bagels, fruit, water, and great snacks. Once you leave the Giant Eagle Recovery Zone, you head to the Byers Xtra Mile Finish Line Party, where the CELEBRATION really starts.

Byers Xtra Mile Finish Line Party — 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

This is where M3S Sports sets the standard for post event parties. Each of these is included for YOU at the Party:

  • Jet’s Pizza
  • Corona Premier Beer
  • Roosters Boneless Wings
  • Teremana Margarita
  • White Claw Zero
  • Mumm Sparkling Wine

This is the party that will really CELEBRATE YOU.

PNC Post-Race Concert — 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Featuring North To Nashville on Columbus Bicentennial Pavilion in the John F. Wolfe Columbus Commons.

The Diamond Cellar VIP Tent — 6:30 a.m.–1 p.m.

For those of you who choose to take the party to a whole other level, The Diamond Cellar VIP Tent is located in the northeast corner of the Byers Xtra Mile Finish Line Party.

Gear Check will be located in the southeast corner of the Columbus Commons.

Gear Check will be open from 6 a.m.-1 p.m. All bags must be marked with your NAME, PHONE NUMBER (and a phone number of someone not running s0 we can call with any questions) and BIB NUMBER.

All bags are subject to search. The area will be staffed all day.

The OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon, OhioHealth Quarter Marathon and Columbus Promise 5K will again use a corral starting system. Runners and walkers for the Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon will be positioned in the starting area based upon estimated finishing times. All 5K participants will start in the last corral.

Starting Corrals Map

Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon participants should LOAD INTO CORRALS BY 7:40AM. 5K participants should LOAD INTO THE 5K CORRAL BY 8:00AM. 5K participants should enter the 5K Corral from Broad Street.

Before April 1st: If you would like to change your estimated finish time for your race, simply log into your EnMotive account and update your estimated finishing time. E-mail if you have any questions.

After April 1st: If your training has gone better than expected, and you would like to move up to a faster corral, pick up your race number at the Expotique and then proceed to the "Solutions" table to be re-assigned to the appropriate corral. To move back to a slower corral, simply start in that corral on race morning. No official corral change is necessary.

When the starting horn is sounded, the first corral will be released. The rest of the participants will be moved forward to the starting line. At pre-determined intervals the starting horn will be sounded and the next corral will be released. This process will continue until all of the corrals have been released. By using this staggered starting method, the pack will be spread out and allow every participant to settle into their race pace from the start to the Finish Line.

  • Every participant will receive a finisher's medal and gender-specific event shirt.
  • Searchable results will be posted after the race

Why use pacers?

The Jet's Pizza Pace Team will meet you at the Start Line and get you to the Finish Line!

Pacers are at the starting line with a focus on YOUR needs. First, the pressure of calculating the pace is removed — the pacer will keep a steady pace — no starting off too fast. Advice and encouragement are the benefits to running with the pacers. Pacers are experienced runners (many are coaches) who want to give back to the running community — it is a voluntary position so they are here to share their love for the sport and help the runner achieve their goals. Pacers will help keep the runners and walkers motivated through conversation, stories, and/or sage advice. Lastly, it is fun to run with a group and meet others who share your goals!

Come visit our Pacers and get all of you questions answered at the race expo in the Fleet Feet booth. Our fantastic pace team will be able to get you ready for race day!

Pacers will be provided for the following times:

Half Marathon Finishing Time h:mm (pace)

  • 1:45 (8:00 min/mile)
  • 1:50 (8:25 min/mile)
  • 2:00 (9:10 min/mile)
  • 2:10 (9:55 min/mile)
  • 2:20 (10:40 min/mile)
  • 2:30 (11:27 min/mile)
  • 2:40 (12:13 min/mile)
  • 3:00 (13:45 min/mile)

Quarter Marathon Finishing Time h:mm (pace)

  • 1:00 (9:10 min/mile)
  • 1:10 (10:41 min/mile)
  • 1:20 (12:13 min/mile)
  • 1:30 (13:45 min/mile)

Which pace group?

When choosing a pace group, consider your training pace — your longest run each week is usually run a minute to a minute and a half slower per mile than your race pace. Use a pace calculator and figure out what your race pace should be — then choose a group accordingly. During the race you can move to a slower/faster group depending upon your needs.

Where to find the pacers on race morning?

The Pace Leaders will assemble in the corrals and will be holding their pace sign with the expected finish time and will be wearing pacing shirts.

The OhioHealth Capital City Half & Quarter Marathon has partnered with OhioHealth and EnMotive to offer FREE Race Photos in 2023.

EnMotive will take an estimated 100,000 photos before, during an after the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon, OhioHealth Quarter Marathon and Columbus Promise 5K.

Photos are available on the Results & Photos Page.

Time Limit and Rules of the Road

The course will remain open for four (4) hours, thus the course will close on a continuous pace of 18:19 per mile. Anyone who cannot maintain the 18:19-minute-per-mile pace must move to the sidewalks as the course closes to allow regular vehicular traffic through.

Strollers are allowed. Please start in the back of your assigned corral.

The following are NOT permitted in the Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon or Columbus Promise 5K:

Pets, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades or any other types of vehicles (other than official vehicles) are not permitted on the course. These regulations are for your safety and the safety of the other participants in the race. Please do not bring or carry any of these items with you. The Staff of the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon reserves the right to disqualify participants who have any of the above items. Properly marked service animals are allowed.