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April 25, 2020

Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon/5k

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Expo Packet Pick Up

April 26 & 27, 2018

Be behind the scenes and the first to see how the race weekend begins! This is the first stop for runners as they prepare to run our new Bicentennial Course as they pick up their race packet and prepare for their 13.1 mile trek to our outdoor party! Duties include organizing/handing out shirts, preparing goodie bags, assisting runners with finding their bib number, greeting participants with smiles and event guides, answering questions/providing race information. Position requires some light lifting up to 30 lbs.

Ask Me Team

Saturday, April 28 — 7am–11am

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? — These are just a few beginning questions our runners have. Arming runners with the right answers and directing them to the proper locations is what the Ask Me Team does best. Duties include reviewing information provided by staff including finish line map, course map and a general knowledge of the area.

Gear Check

Saturday, April 28 — 5:30am–12:30pm

Nothing gives runners more peace of mind during pre and post-race, than knowing their belongings are safely stored. Duties include labeling and organizing runner's belongings when they drop off, and retrieving them in a timely manner at the end of the race. Bending and lifting up to 12lbs is required for this role.


Saturday, April 28 — 5:00am–8:30am

We have only one thing to say — CHUTE'EM! Help runners prepare to start by assisting them to the right coral with their expected pace. Duties include light set up of the start line and assisting runners to their proper place.

Aid Station

Saturday, April 28 — 6:00am–12:00pm. Start and end times vary based on location on course but no earlier/later than listed end time.

Great role for Groups! This key role is not just about providing hydration support — but moral support and excitement! As runners travel the course, they may get fatigued; but with your smiling face and cheering attitude, you will revive them! Duties include setting up the station, filling and stacking cups with water and Gatorade, restocking cups throughout the course of the morning, handing beverages to runners as they come by, and finally cleaning up the area when the last runner passes. Getting wet and standing for long periods is required for this role.

Course Marshal

Saturday, April 28 — 7:00am–12:00pm. Start and end times vary based on location on course but no earlier/later than listed end time.

Directing runners and keeping them safe along the route are key. Duties include a proper understanding of the course, being able to stop pedestrian and/or traffic while runners cross. Standing for long periods of time is required.

Cheer Station

Saturday, April 28 — 7:00am–12:00pm. Start and end times vary based on location on course but no earlier/later than listed end time.

Great for Groups! WE GOT SPIRIT YES WE DO — WE GOT SPIRIT HOW 'BOUT YOU! You don't have to wear a mini skirt or bright colored hair bow to cheer (though we encourage costumes!)! Be a key player in keeping the excitement and momentum going on course. Paint your faces, wear silly clothes — wear your team colors, make banners and posters with silly sayings. Duties include acting crazy, screaming, cheering, laughing — anything to bring out a smile on our runners faces! Standing for long periods of time is required — jumping with excitement is encouraged.

Course Entertainment

Saturday, April 28 — 7:00am–12:00pm. Start and end times vary based on location on course but no earlier/later than listed end time.

WE GOT THE BEAT! Not only are we all about the post-race party — but we love a good real-time party as well! If you are with a band or a solo artist that can sing, play an instrument, dance — this is the place to be!

Post-Race Area

Saturday, April 28 — 6:00am–12:00pm

Great for Groups! Be the first to greet the runners when they finish their journey through scenic downtown Columbus as they cross the finish line. We need your help in the following areas:

Medals: Reward the runners by giving them their hard earned medal. Duties include unwrapping medals and organizing on tables

Bottled Water distribution: Hand weary runners cold bottles of water. Duties include, opening cases and stocking pools

Food Distribution: Make sure there are plenty of bananas, Panera bagels, apples, etc. at easy reach for the runners. Duties include restocking tables.

Beer Tent: Every now and then, our runners just need a cold one! Duties include pouring beer, taking money, giving exact change. Must be 21 or older and have strong attention to detail are requirements for this role.

Crowd Control: The runners are happy to be done. Some are waiting for their friends/family to cross. But we need to make sure everyone can get through so we don't have a back-up of runners waiting to cross the finish line. Duties include keeping runners moving efficiently through the chute, directing runners to the post-race area where they can wait for loved ones, get their Finishers picture taken, and retrieve their belongings from gear check.

Tear-Down Crew

Saturday, April 28 — 9:00am–1:00pm

Great for groups! When it is all said and done, and we have to say good-bye to our great event until next year, we need volunteers to help tear down the start/finish line area. Duties include taking down signs, moving stalls, cleaning trash from the surrounding area. Standing, bending, lifting 25-50 lbs, getting dirty are all required.


Saturday, April 28 — 5:30am–12:00pm

So much to do, so little time! If you read through the positions and find that you can't make your mind up — no worries! "Floater" is the job for you! Duties will include being flexible and adaptable to any role that may need additional assistance. Requirements — Flexibility and a can do attitude!

Race Crew Captain

Thursday, April 26 through Saturday, April 28, 2018

It takes a village to raise a child! With so many volunteers and so many roles/responsibilities, it is hard for one person to manage. If you are a take-charge individual and love being part a project from start to finish, this is the role for you! Duties include working closely with staff, communicating to your assigned group, ensuring all information is dispersed in a timely manner, ensuring all members of your group show up at their assigned time/location. Strong attention to detail, problem solving and customer service are required.


Volunteer Guidelines

  • As a volunteer, you are an Ambassador for M3S Sports and the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon and should treat runners, guests, participants, other volunteers with the utmost courtesy and respect.
  • As a volunteer, take pride in your role! You are a part of one of Columbus's greatest events! Attire should include clean jeans (no holes), khaki/black pants, comfortable shoes
  • Be prepared to answer many types of questions. Familiarize yourself with the course map and schedule of events. You can find this information on our website, www.capitalcityhalfmarathon.com or our Facebook page, facebook.com/CapCityHalf to learn more about our event.
  • You can sign up for as many shifts and roles as you like — but please make sure they don't overlap!
  • Once you sign up, we depend on your commitment to being a part of Cap City. Your prompt arrival and completion of your shift are vital to the success. When you sign up, you commit to being present for that specific shift(s) during the entire length of that shift(s).
  • Until 2 days prior to your scheduled shift, you are able to change/cancel your day/assignment by contacting .
  • If it is the day of your scheduled shift and you find you cannot make it, please be considerate and contact so we can adjust our roster.
  • We are like the postal service — our event will take place regardless of the weather. Please check the weather and dress accordingly. We recommend dressing in layers as the weather in central Ohio can change quickly.
  • You may not consume any alcoholic beverages or smoke during your volunteer shift
  • You may not text/talk on your cell phone during your volunteer shift
  • Unless otherwise directed, you may not eat during your volunteer shift. Please plan on eating before/after your shift
  • Your assignment is complete when a staff member releases you. If you have not been released at the end of your shift, please contact a lead volunteer or staff member. If you are on the course, your assignment is complete when the balloon team passes and you have cleaned up your area.
  • Children under the age of 10 may not participate as a solo volunteer (ie, an individual not signed up with a group of 10 or more), nor may they be with you during your volunteer shift. Children between the ages of 10-15 must be accompanied by an adult in a 1:6 ratio; Children between the ages of 16-18 must be accompanied by an adult in a 1:15 ratio.
  • Pets are not allowed with you during your volunteer shift
  • Depending on race needs, volunteer assignments may be reallocated — please be flexible
  • M3S Sports reserves the right to search any bags for security reasons.
  • M3S Sports is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


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