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April 25, 2020

Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon/5k

OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon Training

Presented by OhioHealth


Are you running the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon for the first time? Are you a veteran runner looking to set a new PR? Moving up from a 5K to the Quarter Marathon? Or are you making the Commit To Be Fit 5K your first race?

No matter your goal or experience level, the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon has a team of coaches who will get you to the starting line and the Byers Xtra Mile Finish Line Party!

Papa John's "Better Training, Better Fuel" Training Tips

Papa John's Pizza

The OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon is partnering with Papa John's of Central Ohio to provide Training Tips to get you the Start Line AND the Finish Line. The Training Tips are provided by Jeff Henderson of Fleet Feet Sports + FrontRunner and Marathoner In Training.

On Race Day, the Papa John's Pace Teams will lead you to the Finish Line.

OhioHealth Runner's Clinic

The OhioHealth Runner’s Clinic is a comprehensive performance center created for runners by runners. The clinic’s goal is provide you a personalized assessment to maximize your running performance.

Whether you want to improve your personal record or need to treat a recurring injury, the Runner’s Clinic has the experts and technology to help you hit the pavement as a faster, stronger runner — and keep you that way.

David Babner, Race Director of the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon, recently took part in the Runner’s Clinic.

"I'm not the fastest runner, I've have some aches and pains, and I sometimes don't even see myself as a runner,” Babner said. “Those were my feelings before taking the OhioHealth Runner's Clinic and now… those fears are gone, I have running techniques to work on, nutrition tips, and I can see myself getting better each time I hit the pavement.”

For more information, contact the Runner’s Clinic at 614-566-1RUN


OhioHealth Training Tips

OhioHealth is your resource to help you get prepared for the Start Line and safely to the Finish Line. Check out the Runner Talk series on the OhioHealth blog, which includes the articles like the following:

  • How To Properly Stretch And Improved Performance
  • Transitioning From Indoor To Outdoor Running
  • When To See A Doc About That Runner's Knee
  • Four Essential Stretches For Every Runner


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