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April 25, 2020

Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon/5k

Featured Runner: Kristen Huener

"When I started at Marathoners In Training, Kristen told me to stay with her and she would get me to Boston. Well in 2016, I crossed the marathon finish line with my first BQ. She is a great coach and mentor for those in the Central Ohio running community." — Kathryn (coached by Kristen) ...continue reading

Kristen Huener

Nominated by Marathoner in Training (MIT) athlete (and now coach) Kathryn Williams, Kristen coached Kathryn to her first Boston Qualifier. Kristen has quite the impressive running resume, including 27 marathons (4 being consecutive Boston Marathons), 3 full Ironmans, and a handful of 50ks, but her biggest joy and accomplishment is watching those around her succeed. She's a match made in heaven for the athletes she coaches and trains, as Kathryn can attest.

Kathryn took in everything that Kristen had to say, from nutrition to simple advice and training tips. Her experience is invaluable and her modesty is appreciated!

Thanks, Kristen and Kathryn, for sharing your story and for allowing M3S to be a part of your journey!


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