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April 25, 2020

Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon/5k

Featured Runners: Traci Kitchen and Mike Corbin

"Forget those dating apps and just run The OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon" — Traci ...continue reading

Traci Kitchen and Mike Corbin

Mike and Traci were friends and classmates in high school, but in 30 years had only seen each other at class reunions. They ended up running into each other at the start line of the very first OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon in 2004. This was the beginning of our very cool love and running story.

Mike started running in 2004. Not only was the 2004 race Mike's first half marathon, it was his first race ever. Since then, he’s lost 50 pounds and emulates the healthy and active lifestyle.

Traci started running in 1984 after having battled eating disorders in high school and college; it helped her take control of her weight in a healthy way. Though Traci had run a lot of races before the 2004 Cap City, she was excited to run this new half marathon.

Back to the 2004 start line...

Mike was lined up, waiting for the gun. He remembered Traci was a runner and wondered if she might be there. Meanwhile, Traci was lined up wondering how to hide her Walkman since the race didn't allow music back then. Mike looked down to his left. Tracie soon felt a tap on her shoulder. They were standing right next to each other!

Fast forward to today and they’ve been together ever since that first race in 2004. They have run all 14 OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathons and will be running it again on April 28, 2017!

Moral of the story? Look around at the start line. You never know who might be standing right next to you!

Thanks, Tracy and Mike, for sharing your story!


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