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April 25, 2020

Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon/5k

Featured Runner: Bridget Daniels

"Running is my stress relief, my survival mechanism, and my way of showing the world that nothing is going to stop me" — Bridget ...continue reading

Bridget Daniels

Bridget started running again three years ago for a number of different reasons, but most importantly to get back into shape and feel better about herself. In the years since she'd stopped running, she had turned thirty, gained weight, suffered job layoffs due to the economy, gotten married, and started college as a 30-something. Most importantly, though, she decided to return to running after being diagnosed with a hereditary, genetic eye disorder, Retinitis (RP) Pigmentosa, to fight through life's obstacles and feed her competitive spirit.

Bridget Daniels

This disorder causes patches of pigment to form on the retina, essentially stealing vision, starting with the peripheral vision. As with other disorders, there's a spectrum of severity with some strains progressing more rapidly than others and causing one to become legally blind. Other strains progress to a point and stop, or slow down. There's currently no treatment and no cure for RP. This wasn’t going to stop Bridget.

A highly competitive person and a fighter, her diagnosis at age 31 wasn’t going to define who she was. She is a runner, just like anyone else who decides to sign up for the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon! She is more cautious at the start line since her peripheral vision has decreased and she’s more aware of her surroundings; however, she is there just like anyone else ready to give it her all! The words “I can’t” simply don’t exist in her vocabulary.

Thanks, Bridget, for sharing your story!


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