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April 27, 2019

Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon/5k

Featured Runner: Tell Us Your Story

This Month’s Featured Runner is Nicole Shoviak, Depression Survivor + Voices of Cap City Ambassador

"Both of my parents loved to watch me run and I’m determined to give them a smile in the afterlife." — Nicole Shoviak ...continue reading

Nicole Shoviak

When she was about to enter college, Nicole was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. She turned to running to get her through it. Her mom, seeing Nicole discouraged on a daily basis, tied a purple ribbon to her wrist and told her to never take it off until she knew she had done what she had set out to do. It was to keep her motivated.

A few years later, in 2013, Nicole signed up for a half marathon. Undertrained and underfed, she completed her first half marathon in 1 hour and 52 minutes, with a purple ribbon tied to her wrist. In 2016, upon signing up for the Glass City Marathon the day before at the expo, Nicole showed up to the start line with almost no training at all, and managed a Boston Qualifying time. She remembers calling her parents, boyfriend, and all her friends, excited to toe the start line at Boston 2017. She cried tears of happiness for weeks. Finally, she thought, she could take that purple ribbon off her wrist; she had hit the goal she’d always had, and she could line up in the corral she had always wanted.

Then, at the end of the year in 2016, Nicole lost her mother. Running felt like a chore. She skipped going to Boston. But, slowly and surely, running got her through the rough times, just like it had before. She ran a marathon this past October and missed her BQ, but she’s not ready to give up. She knows her mom wouldn’t want her to.

Nicole lost her father this past year as well, but she’s now more determined than ever to run in honor of them both. She’s running three Ohio races back-to-back this spring, including the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon. You can find her hugging the start line with a purple ribbon in her hair, with the words “Thanks, Mom and Dad” printed on it.

Thanks, Nicole, for sharing your story and for allowing M3S to be a part of your journey!

We’d also like to hear from YOU. Why do you participate in The OhioHealth Capital City Half, Quarter or Commit To Be Fit 5k?

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