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April 27, 2019

Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon/5k

2017 USATF Half Marathon Championships

The OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon is proud to host the 2017 USATF Half Marathon Championships.

Race Day: Saturday, April 29, 2017
Start Time: 8am
Registration: Contact Championships Coordinator Meghan Sexton at

2017 Qualifying Standards & Athlete Funding

Qualifying race must have been run after January 1, 2016.

Men's Qualification Standards

Half Marathon Marathon 10K** Travel Stipend
sub 1:08:00 - - Comp Entry
sub 1:07:00 sub 2:21:09 sub 0:30:17 Comp Entry
sub 1:06:00 sub 2:19:02 sub 0:29:50 $100
sub 1:05:00 sub 2:16:55 sub 0:29:23 $200*
sub 1:04:00 sub 2:14:49 sub 0:28:56 $300*
sub 1:03:00 sub 2:12:42 sub 0:28:29 $400*

Women's Qualification Standards

Half Marathon Marathon 10K** Travel Stipend
sub 1:18:00 - - Comp Entry
sub 1:17:00 sub 2:42:18 sub 0:34:48 Comp Entry
sub 1:16:00 sub 2:40:11 sub 0:34:20 $100
sub 1:15:00 sub 2:38:04 sub 0:33:54 $200*
sub 1:14:00 sub 2:35:57 sub 0:33:26 $300*
sub 1:13:00 sub 2:33:50 sub 0:32:59 $400*

*Athletes shall also receive shared lodging for up to 2 nights at host hotel
**Only 10K road times will be accepted, no 10000m times and priority will be given to Half Marathon qualifying times over Marathon and 10K qualifying times.

Eligibility Requirements:

*Citizenship: All athletes must be U.S. citizens and eligible to represent the United States at all levels of international competition.

*USATF membership: All athletes must be 2017 members of USATF in good standing. USATF membership may be purchased online, through your local Association Office, or by calling the USATF National Office at 317-713-4665.

Minimum age: Male athletes must be 16 years or older and Female athletes must be 14 years or older on the day of competition.

For all USA Half Marathon Championship questions, contact Championships Coordinator Meghan Sexton at .


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